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A Movie and a Book

Just a quick comment, I don’t have much time.

I read Twilight. The book is very odd. I usually can’t read a book unless I sync in. I never synced into this book and I didn’t associate with either of the main characters,* except the author hit some odd characteristics that intrigued me. Honestly, if I hadn’t watched the movie, I might not have stayed interested enough in Bella and Edward to get to the answer to the mystery.

Last night, I saw the subtitled version of L: Change the WorLd. … or as I want to call it L: Last Action Hero. LOL I enjoyed the story a lot. I want to watch it again, but what impressed me most was the number of non-Japanese lines in the movie. I was happy to actually be able to follow along while only glancing at the subtitles. It must’ve been made a simple movie :-) I only really had to focus on the subtitles when they were talking about medical and such terms. Yeah, Kenichi-san is definitely on my ‘to watch’ list. I would love to see more of his stuff. ::flied to Netflix to raise the ranks of his movies::

I would like to know what you thought of these things. I think a discussion would be fun.

* In order enjoy reading, I usually have to associate with some element of the story.

Time and Again

I am getting really annoyed not having the time to update and to stay caught up with friends. But I have a few bright spots while they last.

I have FMA: Brotherhood to watch. Knowing that Ep 4 is up is giving me a time perspective I usually lack. and I am enjoying the new series.

FMA and the Broken Angel Video game is just brainless enough for me to play SOMETHING while I am feeling brainless. Thanks Gamefly.

Free movie tickets to L: Change the WorLd! Hard to believe that I didn’t know ANYTHING about Death Note when the movie debuted in NYC last year around this time (ok, mebbe it was June… meh). I haven’t even been a Death Note fan for a year yet! Sugoi ne!

I finally have dates I am allowed to take off in July… but this means I will be missing two Japanese classes… which means one on one with a teach I don’t much care for… eep! and a Gymnastics class. But at least I have time to go to Chicago for the first half of the week. meh.

My friend Mallie liked the mockup I made for her website. She said she liked it, but I saw some changes she wanted in her eyes. Like a lot of artistic types, she didn’t really mean what she said. I will get the info from her and get her a site she does like. But time will be needed there.

I am reading Twilight. I read another novel of Aislinn Gray, Guardian. I am caught up on Anita Blake. I am rereading Fruits Basket…. again. I bought vol one of Fruits Basket in Japanese. It is FULL of Furigana, which means I can read nearly every word… I just need to learn the language better.

Your Life: The Soundtrack (Music Meme)

I don’t know why…. but I really seem to be liking Music Memes lately…. sorry to not participate in memes other people do. I feel so mean when I don’t want to play… anyway. I saw this and thought it was neat. I just had to do it.

Without futher delay, Stolen from greenlily:
Your Life: The Soundtrack&hearts

Open your choice of music [iTunes, Limewire, Kazaa, etc.] and put it on Shuffle. Press Play. For every question, type the song that’s on. When you go to a new question, press the next button.

Ready? GO!

Click to read the meme! Aren’t I being nice to my friends :-)

Happy Birthday, sariena!

たんじょうび おめでと! (Tanjoubi Omedeto!) Happy Birthday! Bonne Anniversaire! … ok, that’s the end of know languages :-)

In any language. Happy Birthday and great wishes for the coming year. Changes are in the air and the electricity is there. I know you can feel it, Ride it :-D *hugs* *hugs* *hugs* *hugs*