Monthly Archives: January 2010

Finally watching Hana Kimi

I finally was able to find valid links online to watch the Japanese live action drama of Hanazakari no Kimitachi e (For You in Full Bloom, or more commonly Hana Kimi). After watching two episodes and having read the entire series mostly in scanlations, I have to say a few things.

1. the girl playing Ashiya is good :-)

2. most of the guys are not as pretty as the manga, but that’s okay.

3. The attitudes are slightly different in the drama, still wavering whether this is good or bad.

4. the story is different from the manga, but it has much better flow and foreshadowing… and sadly I admit the story is better. I hope I won’t be disappointed by the ending of the series like I was disappointed by Fruits Basket’s anime…..

5. I really like how they portray the psychic kid and Nakatsu is right on! *hugs Nakatsu*

Just wanted to say that, back to my regular lurking/hiding/working/pouting :-)