Your Life: The Soundtrack (Music Meme)

I don’t know why…. but I really seem to be liking Music Memes lately…. sorry to not participate in memes other people do. I feel so mean when I don’t want to play… anyway. I saw this and thought it was neat. I just had to do it.

Without futher delay, Stolen from greenlily:
Your Life: The Soundtrack&hearts

Open your choice of music [iTunes, Limewire, Kazaa, etc.] and put it on Shuffle. Press Play. For every question, type the song that’s on. When you go to a new question, press the next button.

Ready? GO!

Click to read the meme! Aren’t I being nice to my friends :-)

Christmas Music Singing Sanzo

Yeah. I had an interesting morning. I was not able to sleep and I went to bed so late it was early… an hour after I lay down in bed, I was still awake-ish when my radio alarm came on. I don’t remember what song it was…. but at some point, I had a really interesting AMV running through my head… it was all Christmas Music, the older stuff, Bing Crosby and all those fellas.

Sanzo was singing, karaoke-like. Arms waving, microphone held to mouth mostly in the left hand. The other three were doing backup and do-wop in the papercut carmelldansen style, but not doing the carmelldansen. There were winter snow scenes and scenes of the Sanzo Party in the winter/mountains also snow falling across various scenes of everyone having fun showing in the background. With Sanzo staying in the foreground mostly in the lower right screen and the other three popping onscreen only for their parts. At some point Gojyo and Goku start messing with each other in the background on screen and sing at the appropriate moments, also commentary off-screen about Christmas and Sanzo stealing the microphone etc….. it was really amusing to me.

Shiro no Jumon

Right… I don’t know if I mentioned it, but MAN I love Shiro no Jumon by doa. it is the end credits for Saiyuki: Reload Gunlock. It is just a tongue twister song that runs in a rhythmic way that I am so intrigued by the words themselves. The translation is ok, but I can’t sing those lyrics :-) I want to find a translation for the full song by doa instead of just the small amount they ran on the show.

There are some actually good phrases to remember:
wasurero wasurero zenbu wasurero = Forget it, forget it, forget it all. (or sommat like that)

And it just keeps running through my head, so I am listening to it over and over on YouTube.

For those who care, the lyrics are found here: Journey to the Rest: A Roadside Revelry in Kazuya Minejura’s Saiyuki

A Night With The Chieftains

On March 17, 2008, I attended The Chieftains concert that played at 8pm at Carnegie Hall‘s Stern Auditorium/Perelman Stage.

It was a fantastic experience and one I will gladly repeat as often as possible. There was singing, instrumentals and step dancing. The music was upbeat enough to make the whole room want to dance along. If I could’ve I would’ve danced in the aisles. Interspersed with beautiful laments and other slower, prettier songs.

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Seelie Court’s First and Last Show of 2008

Oh my. Fare well for now, Seelie Court! I will miss you…

======== From the Seelie Court Mailing List =========
Hey everyone!!!

Well, if you’ve got nothing to do Saturday (Jan 5th), you have to come out to the Wells Street Tavern and see Seelie Court. If you do have
plans, cancel them and come and see Seelie Court at the Wells Street Tavern.


Well, this will be Seelie Courts first and last show of 2008.

Lindsay has decided to join the awesome celtic group, the Muses, and goes on tour with them in a couple weeks. AND Jessica is expecting another bundle of bouncing baby joy to add to her growing family.

So if you like Seelie Court, make sure you catch this one!!

Links to the venue can be found at:

See you all there! Lets make our last show one for the books!

Jon, Jess, Lindsay and David

=========== End Message ===============

So, does this mean that Seelie might be back in 2009?